covid-19 safety

We are Tulsa’s only indoor/outdoor yoga studio that was designed and built to handle the safety requirements of COVID-19. The pandemic has taught us a lot about what is important. We have new concerns around gathering and being indoors in public places, yet we also have a strengthened need for community and connection. Updog Yoga meets these concerns and needs through the combination of technology, health protocols, enhanced indoor and outdoor spaces, and the invitation to safely gather once again.


We protect the wellbeing of teachers, staff, and clients through the use of: 

  • Hospital-grade indoor air filtration

  • Room to social distance indoors and out

  • Sanitizing and cleaning protocols 

  • Outdoor yoga deck with infrared heat panels

  • Online offerings for at-home practice (coming soon!)

So sign up for a class – we can’t wait to welcome you to the Updog community!

Do I need to wear a mask?

We follow the CDC guidelines- Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask while in the studio. If you are not fully vaccinated please adhere to the CDC guidelines and continue to take necessary precautions inside the studio (mask to mat). 

Sign Up

Class sizes are limited – pre-registration is required for all classes.

Bring Your Gear

Please bring your own mats, props, water, and towels to class. This won’t always be the case but for now, we are requiring all guests to bring their own gear.

Social Distance

Please look for the mat marks on the floor to know where to place your mat. There’s room for everyone to practice safely!

*NEW Cancellation Policy: Updog Yoga requires a 30 minute cancellation notice or you will be charged a fee of $15, with the exception to outdoor classes canceled due to weather. There is no cancellation fee if an outdoor class is moved indoors or canceled due to inclement weather. If you have signed up for an outdoor class and are not coming because it has been moved inside due to weather, you will have a credit on your account for another class. Please Note: Classes may be moved at any time to a different studio indoors or outdoors based on weather and capacity.