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Our classes are designed to be accessible and effective for all. Whether you are new to the practice or a seasoned pro, we promise you will feel at home with our well trained teachers and numerous class offerings.

*NEW Cancellation Policy: Updog Yoga does not penalize you for late cancels. Stuff happens from time to time so cancel anytime before your class starts or SHOW UP, MOVE & BREATHE.  Please do not forget to cancel.  No shows with Credit packages will lose a credit.  

Practice - Indoor (Infrared Hot)/OUtdoor

The Practice is what we do. We show up. We move. We breathe with intention. Expect to flow through sun salutations, a creative sequence of standing and seated postures,  hip, heart and thigh openers topped off with a regenerative Savasana. We are known for our alignment based flow, our infrared heat, and our mindful breath practice that will ensure that you have smiled, sweated and let go of whatever is holding you back on your mat before you leave. As we like to say... “More wag. Less growl”. 

Core - Indoor (infrared Hot)/Outdoor

Core offers a much-needed break for the shoulders, arms and wrists without losing any of the flow. Expect a vinyasa variation with a series of strengthening and stabilizing movements that focus on your core muscles, including the hamstrings and glutes. This class will teach you to hug into what is important and expand from the core of your strength. Trust us, you won't miss the Chaturangas!!!

Unleashed - Indoor (infrared Hot)

Unleash your yoga practice and challenge yourself to your very core.   We will focus on distinct muscle groups and train your body to pay attention, be in the moment and prepare to fly.  Expect powerful flow, holds and possible use of props (including the wall). Challenge yourself. Unleash your inner warrior. Indoor class meets in our state of the art, infrared heated studio.

Peaceful Flow - Indoor/outdoor

If "I'm so busy" and "I'm so tight" are your “go to” then a Peaceful Flow was made for you. Expect a sun salutation, a standing sequence and a well rounded stretch to be incorporated in this gentle flow  This class is equally beneficial whether you are an athlete or at your desk most of the day (or anywhere in between)! Move and breathe with ease. Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. You are welcome.

PeaceFul Stretch - indoor

This class promises a blissful release and is perfect for both athletes and couch potatoes.  Expect a  series of gentle (many floor based) movements, yin-like holds and deep stretches to soften your muscles and release tension.  The class will end with a restorative rest and may from time to time build in meditation. Treat yourself to an hour of self care. 


Mindfulness meditation meets Sundays at 5:30pm. Join us weekly for an hour of meditation and community at Updog.  



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