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415 E 12th Street
Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 551-7226‬

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We are located across the street from KODA Crossfit and our front door is on Frankfort Street.  Plug Koda Crossfit into your maps for the simplest directions. 


  • Across the street from Home Depot on 11th street

  • The Route 66 Dogpark

  • Golden Driller Mural in Parking Lot 1

  • The main entrance is located on Frankfurt Ave across from Koda Crossfit.


  • Turn south off 11th street onto Frankfort Ave and follow the one-way streets – Elgin goes south, Frankfort goes north.

  • Entering through the back/outdoor entrance: Look for Parking Lot 1 on your left off of Elgin Ave. Go up the stairs towards FC Tulsa, turn left at the top of the stairs, and look for the Updog Yoga outdoor yoga deck.

  • Entering through the front entrance: follow Elgin Ave to 12th street, turn left onto 12th street, then turn left onto Frankfort. Go past the Updog studio until you see Parking Lot 2 on your left.

PLEASE NOTE: We welcome wearing masks wherever and whenever at our studio.  

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Have a question or need to send us a message? Please email or call (918) 551-7226.

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